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Camera Operator Reel

My name is Steven Parker and I thank you for joining me on my website. Appreciate you!


I am an award-winning cinematographer and highly experienced camera operator. I got my start in Chicago doing scrappy little indie films as a Key Grip and Gaffer then moved to Los Angeles and began to grow as a Director of Photography. I now live in New Orleans and bring my creative energies to all sorts of productions - from big budget studio movies to high-end episodic series, thoughtful documentaries to yes, scrappy little indie films.

Photo by Alfonso Bresciani

As a filmmaker my work ethic and demeanor are assets to any production and I have excellent relationships with crew and vendors throughout the region. Creatively I am always striving for something new, a different way to see things; always pushing to interpret a story in fresh, new ways. I embrace new voices and new perspectives and encourage collaboration as I endeavor to learn and to grow, and I seek to share that in my work.

Giving back is part and parcel of who I am. From volunteer work with and Hollywood Hearts Foundation to guest lecturing at The Art Institute of Chicago, DePaul University and Roosevelt University I strive to say thanks by doing what I can for my community and helping the next generation of our filmmakers and creators.

PompoBW Portrait copy.jpg

I have been a proud member of the International Cinematographers' Guild since 2008, an Associate Member of the Society of Camera Operators since 2010 and a member of the Independent Film Project, the Digital Cinema Society and Women In Film for many, many years.


Thank you again and hope to see you on set!

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